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With Amperecloud, you run all your assets in one portal.
More efficient. Safer. More profitable.

  • Uniform technical operational management across the entire portfolio
  • Time saving through automatic ticketing, reports, maintenance modules, etc.
  • Professional support for the daily control room
  • Remote control of plants via VPN certificate or data logger with rental model for high flexibility at low cost
  • Easy access to direct marketing
Benjamin Ose Founder and Partner, Kintlein & Ose

"Amperecloud gave us the tools and capabilities to streamline our operations and run three times more assets with the same team."

Kintlein & Ose

Thanks to Amperecloud, Kintlein & Ose was able to achieve efficiency gains on several levels. For example, the elimination of disparate software tools and manual processes led to cost reductions. Real-time monitoring capabilities allowed the company to respond quickly to technical issues, resulting in improved asset performance and meeting SLAs. By using Direct, the company was able to sell generated power directly to distribution partners which led to an increase in revenue.

Florian Strunck, Erik Nitschke & Frederik Merz - Managing Directors of Amperecloud

"Amperecloud is the first truly collaborative platform for power plants and is changing the way our industry works together."

Amperecloud is the platform for complete operations management and portfolio optimization. It automatically links asset data with business processes and is compatible with any hardware on the market. Our solutions automate and digitize your entire business processes, enabling you to operate more solar plants with the same resources and therefore increase your competitiveness.