The big PV monitoring software comparison - over 10 systems in the check

Using the right PV monitoring software is a key element in managing PV portfolios as efficiently and profitably as possible. However, there are numerous solutions on the market. To help you choose the right monitoring software, we have put together a detailed comparison of the leading providers. Our comparison gives you a clear overview of products from companies such as Amperecloud, Meteocontrol, Solar-Log and many others.

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PV monitoring software comparison: The most important features at a glance

Below you will find an overview of a total of ten important features from nine providers. In total, we have researched information on over 40 different functions and more than ten companies. You can download the complete overview free of charge using the button below the table.

WEB Enerest
GPM Portal
Headquarters of the parent company
Fully customizable alarm system
no info
Open API (read & write access)
no info
Individual master data fields
no info
Hardware independent
Portfolio management
Calculation of individual KPIs
Ticket system
Customizable reporting
Commercial management
Memory monitoring
Direct live demo access*

Sources: All information is taken from the websites and product data sheets of the respective manufacturers. Status: 04.01.2024

*After a short online registration, you will immediately receive an automated e-mail from the provider with access data to a test environment in the respective portal.

Meteocontrol VCOM vs Amperecloud Platform.

The following overview provides information about more than 40 different features of VCOM and Platform, which can be divided into a total of 7 categories. All information is taken from the respective website and product data sheets (as of September 2023).
General information
Headquarters of the parent company
Direct live demo access*
no info
*After a short online registration, you will immediately receive an automated e-mail from the provider with access data to a test environment in the respective portal.
Basic master data
Individual master data fields
no info
Detailed digital twin with all components
Flexible calculation levels within the digital twin
no info
Monitoring & Analysis
Hardware independent
Portfolio management
Customizable dashboards
Customizable data visualization intervals
Target/actual comparison
Weather satellite data
Formula system for calculating individual KPIs
Performance ratio
Customizable monitoring views
Diagrams comparable across plants
Automatic error detection
Error message via mail
Fully customizable alarm system
Webcam integration
Analysis tool for live testing of formulas and alarms
Maintenance & ticket system
Ticket system
Automatic ticket creation (e.g. for recurring tasks)
Onsite service templates
Onsite service planning
Order & operation log
Custom ticket templates
Individual ticket labels
no info
Ticket history
Basic reporting
Predefined reports
Customizable reports
Programmable reports
no info
Reports in corporate design
Project Management
Superadmin and different user rights
Number of users
External access (e.g. for investors or customers)
Data export
Historical data import
Open interfaces (e.g. to ERP systems)
no info
Other services
Direct marketing (supplier)
Redispatch 2.0
Remote controllability
Telecontrol connection

Sources: Meteocontrol product page; Meteocontrol support FAQ; VCOM & VCOM CMMS data sheet, available here; data from Meteocontrol; data from Amperecloud. Data retrieved: 10/25/2023, 1:31 pm.

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Overview of PV monitoring software providers

We have not only researched an extensive feature list for some of the providers mentioned, but have also summarized further information in an article. Below you will find a brief overview of these companies including a link to the article.

The Berlin-based company Amperecloud is an innovative developer of integrated monitoring systems for photovoltaic systems. Its more than 400 customers particularly appreciate the highly automated PV monitoring solution and reactive support.

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Meteocontrol, which belongs to a Chinese group of companies, specializes in the development of software for PV monitoring. It describes itself as a reliable partner for innovative energy and asset management solutions.

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Solar-Log is an established company from Geislingen that offers software and hardware for both private end users and commercial customers. In addition to PV monitoring, the product portfolio also includes data loggers and direct marketing.

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The US company AlsoEnergy also specializes in the development of PV monitoring software. In addition to pure energy monitoring, AlsoEnergy also offers comprehensive financial reporting and asset management options.

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Power Factors is one of the largest software developers in the field of renewable energies in the US. In addition to a monitoring solution for PV, the US company also provides software for wind, storage and hydropower portfolios.

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Tip: Test monitoring solution

PV monitoring software comparisons and information from the providers offer a good first point of reference for selecting your preferred solution. However, it is advisable to use the respective platform yourself for several weeks as part of a test or pilot phase. This is the only way to ensure that the software can really meet all your requirements. Especially as the test phase will also reveal the quality of the company's support.
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