Automate your pv monitoring.

Amperecloud Platform is the central and innovative PV monitoring software for the operational management of your plants.

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More than 400 companies worldwide trust in Amperecloud.

The PV monitoring solution for fast-growing solar companies.

All of your plants in one system.
Our system acts as a central data warehouse. Connect all loggers, sensors, manufacturer portals and much more.
Manage all your tasks in one place.
Platform offers not only monitoring but also a comprehensive CMMS, master data management and a powerful reporting system.
Efficient monitoring from day 1.
Platform is a turnkey solution with numerous standard templates for tickets, reports, KPIs and data fields.
Automate all your workflows.
Among other things, Platform automatically creates reports and tickets, assigns tasks and interprets alarms.
Customize Platform to your needs.
In Amperecloud Platform, you can freely design monitoring views, KPIs, dashboards, tickets or reports.
Outstanding service.

We are a partner, not a software solution. Rely on a dedicated account manager, regular trainings and technical support.
Growing solar companies trust in Amperecloud.
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The fully comprehensive PV monitoring software.

Enormously powerful monitoring

Analyze the performance of your systems in seconds. Heat maps and color codes help to identify faults immediately.

Creation of individual monitoring views
Clear control room views
Target/actual comparisons
Standardized KPIs (e.g. performance ratio) and individual key figures

Fully flexible dashboards

You can visualize all your data in dashboards, from individual inverters to complete portfolios.

Creation of individual dashboards
Heatmaps, tables, charts and much more
Integration of webcams
External access for investors or customers

Intelligent alarm system

Our PV monitoring software automatically detects faults and intelligently summarizes them. In this way, we avoid alarm fatigue and you can resolve problems much more quickly.

Intelligent alarm groupings
Individual and standardized alarms can be used
Error notifications by e-mail
+4 GWp assets under management

Comprehensive ticket & maintenance system

With our CMMS, you can create tickets from either standardized or individual templates. You can convert these into assignments and assign technicians with a click.

Automated ticket creation for recurring assignments
Customized ticket labels and templates
Intelligent ticket history
Offline availability for technicians on site

Informative reports

Our reporting system can access all your stored data. Create reports on maintenance or revenue, for example, and automate them.

Automated, recurring reports
Numerous standard templates
Customizability of all reports
Create reports in your corporate design

Detailed digital twin

The digital twin of your systems is structured precisely down to string level. Thanks to individual data fields and upload options, it also functions as a central master data register.

Individual master data fields
Integration of non-data-transmitting components (fences, meter cabinets, etc.)
Flexible calculation levels

More advantages

and features

Analysis tool for new alarms
Open APIs
Precise digital twin
Status codes
Unlimited users
GDPR compliance
Use of satellite data
Integration of sensor data
Recurring operations
Assignment of rights & roles
Historical data import
TÜV certified

"Amperecloud gave us the tools and capabilities to streamline our operations and run three times more assets with the same team."

Benjamin Ose
Founder and Partner, Kintlein & Ose

"Thanks to Amperecloud, we can streamline our project management, improve efficiency and ultimately deliver exceptional solar projects."

Peter Unger
Head of PV Department, Solarcomplex AG

"Amperecloud saves us about 2 to 3 hours of manual effort per employee per day."

Alexander Remes
Technical Operations Manager, Ranft Group

Platform is compatible with all leading manufacturers of data loggers.

Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about our product.
How long will it take to migrate my portfolio?
If you use our migration service, the migration of even large portfolios usually only takes a few days.
What effort is involved in migrating my portfolio?
The effort is minimal. For example, our system automatically creates digital twins, imports historical data and offers you a range of standard KPIs, reports and alerts. Our product team can also set up individual dashboards or monitoring views if required.
Do I have to replace my hardware if I use Platform?
No, Platform is completely hardware-independent. We are compatible with all common data loggers and systems.
Can I setup my clients' plants in Platform myself?
You can setup assets from customers as well as from your own portfolio in Platform yourself. Our team will support you in this matter if you wish.
Is it possible to display my company logo in Platform?
Of course you can display your company logo. Our software also creates reports in your corporate design.
Can I monitor PV systems of any size?
The smallest system in our software has only a few kWp, the largest more than 200 MWp. In short: Yes, Platform can be used to monitor systems and portfolios of any size. However, the solution was developed specifically for medium-sized and large energy companies.
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