Set up your PV portfolio in under 4 weeks.

Thanks to our ISO-certified process, even large portfolios can be set up in just a few weeks. Our setup not only includes the relocation of the systems, but also the training of employees.

26 days
‍‍‍‍averagesetup time
Over 5 GWp
8 specialists
‍‍inour onboarding team

The five proven phases of a successful setup

We know that changing your PV monitoring software is a big, important step. Our experienced operations engineering team will therefore take care of the complete technical setup of Amperecloud Platform for you. Our team will also train your employees during the technical setup.

This ensures two key aspects: you can use Amperecloud as a turnkey solution after just 4 weeks of setup time and continue to manage your portfolio seamlessly in the meantime. Why is the move so fast? Our onboarding process is tried, tested and certified:

Step 1: Technical connection of the systems
All we need from you is a system list to create PV systems and storage systems semi-automatically in Platform. A digital twin is created for each system down to string level. Individual master data or fields can also be transferred.  

Step 2: Training the teams (on site)
To ensure that you and your employees can work efficiently from day 1, we train the control room teams during the set-up phase. We always develop an individual training plan based on your setup and your requirements. Of course, personal on-site appointments are also possible directly in your control room.

Step 3: Setting up dashboards and workflows
The mere connection of the systems is only the cornerstone of the technical setup. Our promise: You receive a turnkey solution. This means that we create all your reports, dashboards and workflows in the system. Of course, you and your team can also carry out these activities independently in future.

Step 4: Integration of historical data
If desired, we can feed Platform with historical data. All we need for this is an export from your previous system. In this way, you can still create coherent annual reports, for example if you change systems during the year.

Step 5: Final tests and handover to regular operation
Once the setup is complete, we review all systems, workflows and dashboards together. We recommend testing Amperecloud Platform live for a few days to make any final adjustments. After a total setup time of around four weeks, the system then goes seamlessly into regular operation.

"Thanks to Amperecloud's set-up service, we were able to move our entire PV portfolio to Platform within a very short time."

Anja Spannaus
Managing Director, 4:energy

"Thanks to Amperecloud, we can streamline our project management, improve efficiency and ultimately deliver exceptional solar projects."

Peter Unger
Head of PV Department, Solarcomplex AG

"Amperecloud saves us about 2 to 3 hours of manual effort per employee per day."

Alexander Remes
Technical Operations Manager, Ranft Group

Embedded Onboarding Service

We use our embedded onboarding service especially for setting up larger portfolios. An operations engineer from our onboarding team will set up the platform for you on site.

2 to 3 weeks setup on site
Intensive collaboration directly in your control room
On average between 2 and 6 training courses

Our promise: Relocation without loss of efficiency

Switching software is a significant step. Our specialized onboarding team has already successfully moved over 100 portfolios to Platform. That's why we guarantee seamless monitoring of your portfolio during the migration phase with minimal effort for you and your team.

Setup and onboarding by a team of specialists
Ongoing portfolio monitoring guaranteed at all times
Turnkey handover of Platform after 4 weeks

After onboarding is before trusting cooperation

After setup, you and your team will be able to use Platform completely independently. Nevertheless, we naturally offer you a range of services and, above all, a trusting exchange.

1 permanent Customer Success Manager
Technical support by e-mail, telephone and remote maintenance
Regular updates, advice & optimization suggestions

Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about our product.
How long will it take to move my portfolio?
Our team needs around 4 weeks to set up your entire portfolio and in particular all your workflows, dashboards and reports in Platform. As we provide training in parallel, you and your team can really start working seamlessly with our software after 4 weeks.
What effort is involved in migrating my portfolio?
Your internal effort is minimal, as the technical setup is carried out by our experienced team. All you need to do is provide some data such as asset lists.
Does Amperecloud also offer onboarding for new employees?
Even if you have been a customer for some time, we are happy to provide training for new employees.
Does the setup also include linking Platform with external tools such as an ERP system?
Amperecloud Platform has completely open interfaces. A connection is therefore possible in principle, but is not included in the setup as standard. However, we are happy to support you with this on request.
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