Amperecloud Redispatch.

Fulfillment of the legal obligations regarding the market roles EIV and BTR in Redispatch 2.0

Amperecloud Redispatch relieves operational managers and technicians by ensuring compliance with German regulatory requirements for reporting solar production statistics. Leave the responsibility to us and focus on maximizing the potential of your solar plant.

The redispatch functions.
Comprehensive insight of relevant data from all plants.

Automated data preparation

We take over the market roles EIV and BTR.

Compliant with the law

We help to meet all legal requirements.

Efficient monitoring

Assumption of the complex data communication obligations in the context of redispatch.


We regulate the communication with the distribution network operator.


We design the process unbureaucratically for you.

Demo access

With Amperecloud, you run all your power plants in just one system.

01 Demo access

Get live demo access and optional short intro by our team to get to know Amperecloud.

02 Pilot / Onboarding

Integration of the first plants to observe the system.

03 Optimization

Joint optimization of the plants involved.