Amperecloud is the reliable platform for utility-scale solar. For seamless scaling of the portfolio.

Trusted by innovators and industry leaders:

Amperecloud's utility solution is built on leading technology and provides a reliable platform for utility-scale solar. With advanced analytics, automation, and controls, you can seamlessly scale your portfolio, optimize asset profitability, increase revenue streams, and support grid stability.

By partnering with Amperecloud, you benefit from a single provider for SCADA, PPC, and monitoring solutions, ensuring compatibility and accountability. The solution unlocks value potential throughout the project and portfolio lifecycle, simplifying operations, improving profitability, and facilitating regulatory compliance.

Optimization of power plants with the best utility-scale system.

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Visualization of portfolio performance with control room, monitoring, dashboards, status messages, because performance needs speed.


We adapt to your workflow. Use the tickets, assignments and logbook for this.

White label

Your brand with our technology.


Data management for daily tasks: Data Studio, Data Export, Analysis.


All plant-specific details in one place: digital twin, master data, reports.

Anna Schmidt Chief Product Officer, Solaris Energy GmbH

"Amperecloud provided the reliability and convenience we were looking for and allowed us to effectively drive market growth."

Solaris Energy GmbH

By implementing the Amperecloud solution, Solaris Energy was able to realize significant revenue increases. The flawless technical and regulatory implementation significantly reduced the risk of revenue loss and improved overall operational stability and financial performance.

Demo access

With Amperecloud, you run all your power plants in just one system.

01 Demo access

Get live demo access and optional short intro by our team to get to know Amperecloud.

02 Pilot / Onboarding

Integration of the first plants to observe the system.

03 Optimization

Joint optimization of the plants involved.