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Amperecloud Platform is the solution for technical management and portfolio optimization. It automatically links asset data and business processes. Components of Platform are portfolio monitoring, CMMS, data management and reporting.


Our data logger is VDE-AR N 4110 certified and compatible with all commercially available inverters, sensors and meters thanks to a wide variety of interfaces. The self-configuring IoT-based data loggers and EZA controllers with direct marketer interface replace expensive industrial solutions.


Have your assets monitored by our independent control room. With Amperecloud Operations, we proactively notify you of potential issues in real time to minimize downtime and maximize asset availability.


Amperecloud Control is the add-on for the fully certified park controller and data logger. This ensures grid stability by connecting to the solar park operator's IT landscape and enables the exchange of information and execution of control commands for the solar plant.


Amperecloud Direct enables solar park operators to easily and transparently market directly from connection to receipt of payment. The tool automates the entire process and maximizes profitability.


Amperecloud Remote provides a secure VPN infrastructure to connect the energy Ttader to a data logger from another company. With a VPN certificate for the data logger, you meet the legal requirements and can control the solar farm remotely.


Amperecloud Redispatch relieves operational managers and technicians by ensuring compliance with German regulatory requirements for reporting solar production statistics. Leave the responsibility to us and focus on maximizing the potential of your solar plant.