Amperecloud provides asset managers with efficient management and monitoring of energy assets in one system. Real-time data analysis & central interface.

Trusted by innovators and industry leaders:

The efficient management and monitoring of energy assets present asset managers with specific challenges. To address them, Amperecloud offers a customized solution that provides comprehensive insight into asset operations. With real-time data analytics and a centralized interface, asset managers can continuously monitor the health and yield of their assets and make informed decisions.

This saves time and resources, improves asset performance and enables efficient management of the entire portfolio. As a trusted partner, Amperecloud thus helps asset managers optimize risk management and maximize the success of their energy assets.

Optimization of power plants with the best system for asset managers.

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96% Yield 1.13 kWp
1.4K€/h direct marketing


Visualization of portfolio performance with control room, monitoring, dashboards, status messages, because performance needs speed.


We adapt to your workflow. Use the tickets, assignments and logbook for this.


All plant-specific details in one place: digital twin, master data, reports.


Data management for daily tasks: Data Studio, Data Export, Analysis.


Feeder engement, data logger bridge, FTP data logger.

Christian Mayer COO, SolarFuture GmBH

"We are now benefiting from the current stock market performance without risking our return on investment."

SolarFuture GmbH

By introducing Amperecloud Direct and converting its power plants to direct marketing, SolarFuture GmbH significantly increased its revenues - while simultaneously reducing costs. This is because Direct made it possible, on the one hand, to reduce the number of business partners involved in the direct marketing process from four to one. For another, the company saw a remarkable increase in the average revenue of its power plants, with tariffs rising from 8 to 10 cents/kWh to 15 to 26 cents/kWh. This shift resulted in a doubling of revenues, illustrating the significant impact of Direct on the company's financial performance.

Demo access

With Amperecloud, you run all your power plants in just one system.

01 Demo access

Get live demo access and optional short intro by our team to get to know Amperecloud.

02 Pilot / Onboarding

Integration of the first plants to observe the system.

03 Optimization

Joint optimization of the plants involved.