Tailored solutions for contractual fulfillment of service level agreements for O&Ms.
‍Efficientoperations management and maintenance.

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O&M service providers have specific requirements for the operation and maintenance of energy plants and need an efficient solution to ensure smooth operation. With Amperecloud as a partner, O&M service providers can benefit from a customized platform that enables them to effectively monitor assets, schedule maintenance and analyze operational data in real time.

Optimization of power plants with the best system for O&M service providers.

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Visualize portfolio performance with control room, monitoring, dashboards, and status alerts to respond to changes with maximum speed.


We adapt to your workflow. Use tickets, deployments and logbook for this.


All plant-specific details in one place: digital twin, master data, reports.


Data management for daily tasks: Data Studio, Data Export, Analysis.


Feed-in management, data logger bridge, FTP data logger.

Susanne Fischer Head of O&M, SolarWorks GmbH

"Our previous system did not provide reliable remote monitoring. In addition, we tied up capacity because we were using multiple portals.

SolarWorks GmbH

By implementing Amperecloud's unified monitoring and reporting solutions, SolarWorks GmbH was able to significantly improve its operational efficiency. The implementation of Amperecloud Platform replaced multiple parallel monitoring systems and ensured a unified approach to monitoring the portfolio. As a result, SolarWorks GmbH was able to meet its monitoring requirements according to service level agreements (SLAs) with only a single full-time equivalent (FTE).

Demo access

With Amperecloud, you run all your power plants in just one system.

01 Demo access

Get live demo access and optional short intro by our team to get to know Amperecloud.

02 Pilot / Onboarding

Integration of the first plants to observe the system.

03 Optimization

Joint optimization of the plants involved.