Maximize battery power potential.

Increase the efficiency of battery energy storage systems with Amperecloud Platform. Analyze the health of batteries with the help of AI, comply with warranty conditions and automate your internal workflows.

More than 400 companies worldwide trust in Amperecloud.

The solution for efficient and secure BESS monitoring.

All systems & storage units in one system.
Platform is compatible with all storage systems. You can also monitor your PV plants with our system.
Comply with warranty conditions.
Our alert system provides reliable information on if there is a risk of warranty breaches, even for complex contracts.
Efficient monitoring from day 1.
Platform is a turnkey solution with numerous standard templates for tickets, reports, KPIs and data fields.
Monitor State of Health.

Get comprehensive insights into the battery status. Increase the performance and service life of the storage system.
Customize Platform to your needs.
In Amperecloud Platform, you can freely design monitoring views, KPIs, dashboards, tickets or reports.
Outstanding service.

We are a partner, not a software solution. Rely on a dedicated account manager, regular trainings and technical support.
Growing solar companies trust in Amperecloud.
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The fully comprehensive software for BESS monitoring.

Automated monitoring

Analyze the health status of storage systems on an ongoing basis. Platform reduces the risk of malfunctions and increases the lifetime of the battery.

Creation of individual monitoring views
Clear control room views
Extensive visualizations
Standardized parameters and individual key figures

Safe and reliable operation of your storage system

Platform uncovers short and long-term risks to your batteries. You also receive proactive alarms to prevent system failures.

Store warranty conditions
Warning messages and proactive alarms
Recurring reminders for maintenance or other tasks

AI-supported monitoring of your portfolio

Our software automatically detects errors and intelligently summarizes them. In this way, we avoid alarm fatigue and you can rectify faults much faster.

Intelligent alarm groupings
Individual and standardized alarms can be used
Error notifications by e-mail
+4 GWp assets under management

Comprehensive ticket & maintenance system

Our CMMS creates tickets automatically, but also offers standardized and individual templates. You can convert these into assignments and assign technicians with one simple click.

Automated ticket creation
Customized ticket labels and templates
Intelligent ticket history
Offline availability for technicians on site

Informative reports

Our reporting system can access all your stored data. Create and automate reports on charging and discharging energy, contract fulfillment or maintenance.

Automated, recurring reports
Numerous standard templates
Customizability of all reports
Create reports in your corporate design

Detailed digital twin

The digital twin of your storage system is accurate down to battery string level. Thanks to individual data fields and upload options, it also functions as a central master data register.

Individual master data fields
Integration of all components (air conditioning systems, fire extinguishers, etc.)
Flexible calculation levels

More advantages

and features

Analysis tool for new alarms
Open APIs
Status codes
Unlimited users
GDPR compliance
Assignment of rights & roles
Historical data import
TÜV certified

"Amperecloud gave us the tools and capabilities to streamline our operations and run three times more assets with the same team."

Benjamin Ose
Founder and Partner, Kintlein & Ose

"Thanks to Amperecloud, we can streamline our project management, improve efficiency and ultimately deliver exceptional solar projects."

Peter Unger
Head of PV Department, Solarcomplex AG

"Amperecloud saves us about 2 to 3 hours of manual effort per employee per day."

Alexander Remes
Technical Operations Manager, Ranft Group

Platform is compatible with all leading manufacturers of battery storage systems.

Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about our product.
How long does it take to setup Amperecloud Platform?
The setup is usually done in only a few days. Our product team will support you throughout the entire process.
How does Amperecloud Platform avoid alarm spamming?
We have developed an intelligent alarm system. it interprets error messages and summarizes them in groups. The number of false alarms actually displayed is therefore close to zero.
Does Platform display storage system data in real time?
Amperecloud Platform can display storage data at any interval and therefore also in real time.
Does Platform show potential for improvement to optimize the performance of the storage units?
By using the monitoring software, it is possible to uncover such potential. In addition, your personal account manager will support you in realizing them.
Do my team and I receive training?
Amperecloud Platform is a turnkey solution. Nevertheless, you and your team will of course receive several onboarding training sessions. In regular meetings with your personal contact, further questions can be asked and discussed even after the software has gone live. Additional training for new employees, for example, is of course also possible.
Can I monitor memory of any size?
Platform is compatible with memories of any size.
Curious? Test Platform yourself.
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