Outsource control room. Discover operations.

Our team ensures efficient operational management of your systems from day 1. We take care of daily system monitoring so that you can focus on growing your PV portfolio.

More than 400 companies worldwide trust in Amperecloud.

The control room partner for fast-growing solar companies.

Direct error detection
Our control room is manned at all times. We respond to error messages in seconds and then inform you.
Efficient operational management
By using our software, our team is immediately ready for action and manages four times more systems per employee.
Full transparency
You have full access to our monitoring solution. You also receive regular reports from us.
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Ranft: 30 % time saving

As an asset owner, the Ranft Group manages more than 100 PV systems with a total of over 75 MWp. Thanks to Amperecloud Operations, the Bavarian company can reduce its operational monitoring effort enormously.

Ensure the efficiency and growth of your portfolio.

Ongoing monitoring of all systems

Our experienced team monitors your portfolio continuously. We analyze fault reports immediately. If necessary, we inform your team and initiate further steps.

Immediate response to fault messages and alarms
Troubleshooting within 24 hours
Communication with technical team

Enormously high cost efficiency

By outsourcing the control room, you save on high personnel costs. Thanks to a fixed contact person for all systems, you also reduce communication costs.

Up to 8 % cost savings in relation to the overall operation of the PV system
Significant increase in margin between 25% and 100%
A fixed contact person
+4 GWp assets under management

Performance optimization

Our team not only responds to fault reports, but also proactively monitors the portfolio. We use regular performance analyses to detect degradation or shading, for example.

Up to 10 % higher system performance
Analysis of the performance data
"Pre-maintenance consulting

Comprehensive reporting

You will receive the reports you need from us on an ongoing basis. We send these to you automatically. In addition, your fixed contact person reports

Ongoing reporting on compliance with SLAs, system performance, cost-effectiveness and much more.
Access to all dashboards and data
Correct completely in your company design
Regular meetings with your contact person

"Thanks to Amperecloud, we can streamline our project management, improve efficiency and ultimately deliver exceptional solar projects."

Peter Unger
Head of PV Department, Solarcomplex AG

"Amperecloud saves us about 2 to 3 hours of manual effort per employee per day."

Alexander Remes
Technical Operations Manager, Ranft Group

"Amperecloud gave us the tools and capabilities to streamline our operations and run three times more assets with the same team."

Benjamin Ose
Founder and Partner, Kintlein & Ose

Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about our product.
How long does it take for the operations team to be ready for action?
As our team uses our Amperecloud Platform software solution, we can be deployed immediately.
How does the commissioning process work?
Prior to commissioning, both parties hold several meetings to discuss how the monitoring should proceed. For example, it is clarified how to proceed in the event of faults, how regular check-ins are to take place and which reports are to be prepared. If you wish, we can then monitor a system from your portfolio for one month free of charge. If you are satisfied, we will then conclude a contract.
Is there a service level agreement?
Of course. Our contract sets out exactly which services Amperecloud will provide for you.
Does Amperecloud monitor my portfolio around the clock?
In principle, permanent monitoring is possible, but not always sensible. Most faults occur during the day rather than at night. In addition, teams of technicians are not always available at weekends. We therefore work with you to determine the most sensible monitoring times in terms of the price-performance ratio.
Can I access the data of my systems myself?
You have full access to the Amperecloud Platform monitoring solution we use.
Does Amperecloud also maintain the systems?
We are not a maintenance company, but we can recommend partners in your region. However, we can then commission the relevant technicians on your behalf to rectify faults.
Will my customers know that the control room is outsourced to Amperecloud?
On request, we work completely as a white label solution in the background.
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