Amperecloud Operations.

Our independent control room -
your wingman for growth.

Amperecloud Operations monitors solar farms in real time and proactively informs you about potential issues to minimize downtime and maximize asset availability.

Operations functions.
Tailwind for your plant performance.

From passive to active monitoring

We take over the daily tasks of your control room and adapt to the existing processes. Our team works for this 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Condition monitoring

Our experts know the depth and breadth of the products and can therefore optimally operate the powerful formula and alarm system for identifying problems. Automatic ticket creation and easy generation and assignment of assignments run in parallel in real time.

Formula and alarm system

Precise monitoring of solar installations through automated alarms customized according to your individual specifications.

Optimization notes

In addition to relevant alarm and error messages, our experts uncover insidious sources to ensure maximum production and minimum operating costs.

Service, service, service

We are there for you. Integrate our control room as a kind of staff unit and let us build sustainable trust together.

Demo access

With Amperecloud, you run all your power plants in just one system.

01 Demo access

Get live demo access and optional short intro by our team to get to know Amperecloud.

02 Pilot / Onboarding

Integration of the first plants to observe the system.

03 Optimization

Joint optimization of the plants involved.