Solaris Energy GmbH Case Study

Reliable and easy to install solution for remote controllability with Amperecloud

In the renewable energy market, reliable data transmission and asset control are critical to the effective commercialization of renewable energy. However, the abundance and fragmentation of technical requirements have hindered the development of a standardized and cost-effective solution. Solaris Energy GmbH, a utility and trader in the energy sector, was looking for a reliable and easy-to-install technical solution to increase market efficiency.

Solaris Energy faced the challenge of ensuring reliable data transmission and control for its renewable energy installations. Fragmented technical requirements in the market and existing systems made it difficult and costly to create a standardized solution. The company needed a solution that would simplify installation and enable remote controllability while meeting regulatory requirements.

Amperecloud was the answer to Solaris Energy's challenges. They implemented Control to enable remote controllability of their systems. In addition, existing systems were retrofitted with the Log data logger to ensure seamless integration. The platform's automated implementation capabilities ensured regulatory compliance for power plants entering direct marketing, simplifying the process and reducing manual effort.

Quote from Anna Schmidt, Chief Product Officer, Solaris Energy:

"We needed a reliable and easy-to-install technical solution to efficiently develop the market. Amperecloud's solution provided us with the reliability and convenience we were looking for and allowed us to effectively drive market growth."

- Portfolio: 2+ GWp

- Role: supplier, trader

- Headquarters: Karlsruhe, Germany

- Market entry: 2016

By implementing the Amperecloud solution, Solaris Energy experienced significant impact. Within months, Amperecloud became one of the company's largest revenue sources, demonstrating the effectiveness and value of the solution. The flawless technical and regulatory implementation significantly reduced the risk of revenue loss and improved overall operational stability and financial performance.

Amperecloud's solution has enabled Solaris Energy to meet the challenges of reliable data transmission and control in the renewable energy market. By leveraging Control and retrofitting systems with Log, remote controllability and regulatory compliance was achieved. Amperecloud's seamless integration and automated deployment capabilities enabled Solaris Energy to increase market efficiency, expand their revenue streams, and ensure operational reliability in the ever-evolving renewable energy industry.